Consumer Audio Design House - Global Silicon



Global Silicon takes innovative and market leading technologies and then creates product designs from the ground-up.  We are an Apple MFi licencee, CSR Bluetooth developer licencee and certified for designing products with Sonic Emotion 3D audio and also a approved Movidius 3DTV solution house.  We design both analogue and digital sub-systems, the skill with mixing these technologies is to understand where the benefits and pit-falls are to achieve the best overall performance with minimised costs.  We have extensive test and measuring equipment and in-house prototyping facilities for fast turn-around of samples.


Acoustics are at the heart of audio.  For too long now, audio products have focussed on technology and our aim is to put the “quality of audio” back into these products.  We have our own well equipped acoustics lab, a low-reverberation measurement room, 3D audio calibration system, computer controlled turn-table and analysers.  Measurement systems and techniques are only a small part of the story, the key part is to create amazing sound without breaking the bank.  We have expertise in optimising the sound colour, reducing distortion and increasing the overall perceived sound level using hardware, software and good mechanical acoustic design.

IC Design

As an IC design house, we can create your IC design for you and also we have an extensive portfolio of IP, including our own DSP engine that is optimised for the consumer audio market.  We have created a number of IC designs for the consumer audio market and understand the cost structure, feature set and manufacturing limitations that are the hallmarks of the business.

We specialise in DSP silicon architectures for consumer audio, but we have also created sophisticated servo control systems, digital radio sub-systems and micro-controllers.  What ever your need, we can see the project through to net-list, layout, test programs and initial roll-out.


No product in today’s market is complete without firmware.  This essential and often undervalued component is an area where we see great value in adding features with minimal BOM addition.  Global Silicon has a long pedigree of creating innovative DSP algorithms for audio and control system applications.  Good real-time algorithms are created in harmony with the processing hardware in mind, we work in a number of source languages including assembler and C.  Core to any consumer audio product is the user interface, simplicity is always the key to successful products, users should intuitively know how to use their product because a smart man-machine interface will simplify it for them.